Two local musicians from La

Two local musicians from La

Nonprofit Music Charity - On March 15th 2014 Musicians Support a brand new nonprofit charity for music education will launch it's Startup campaign on Musicians Support can be a network of musicians and music lovers working together with like minded folks our community to improve funds for essential resources in class and community music programs.

Founders Marc Bernal and Devin Baird, are musicians who grew up in L.A. and have been fortunate to see many great moments that just music brings. This is their explanation do their part to offer back via a nonprofit charity for music education. This really is hoping providing a platform for college students, educators, performers and music professionals to network together. All profits head to school and community music programs!  Los Angeles Music Charity

Our Mission: To aid music education in college and community music programs while helping amateur musicians with valuable resources on the journey to becoming professional artists. We help give you the essential resources that keeps music alive within our community.

Musicians Support raises funds via our website which provides free music education and resources. We participate in public street team fundraising with music performances throughout the city.

Musicians Support also hosts an annual concert fundraiser in June showcasing students, bands and artists associated with supporting our cause. Furthermore, we use conventional methods of fundraising like grant requests from foundations and soliciting corporate sponsorships.

Join us and support your neighborhood school and community music programs. "Lets make music". Musicianssupport